Case Studies

Automotive Training


When starting a project from zero, even the most enthusiastic dealers can benefit from a fresh perspective.

The Challenge

With the best will in the world they can be ‘flying blind’ , unable to envisage what industry leading policies, processes, displays, accounting etc are required to develop a great, sustainable business.

This can lead to delays and/or poor project implementation.

Our Approach

We bring business topics to life!

Working with different markets we have now planned and delivered Best Practise Visits in the UK, Germany and Belgium.

With the assistance of our multi-lingual consultants we organise all aspects of these visits e.g. logistics, dealer visits, financials, stock management etc, and we always include an interactive, group-based, coaching and workshop wrap up session.

The Result

Measurable project impetus!

Regardless of the topic most delegates on these visits experience that ‘light bulb moment’ when they truly understand what has been previously discussed and has now been demonstrated – they think… “I can do that too!”

As a direct result of these Best Practise Visits delegates returning to their markets have:

  • Invested in businesses
  • Implemented stock management policies, smart repair solutions, lead management systems etc
  • Gained vision!