Business Consulting

At Centro Consulting, we provide unequalled expert consulting services covering every aspect of the automotive industry, at every level.

We provide complete business solutions, right from programme conception through to deployment planning and delivery. We can handle all of your recruitment requirements, offer flexible resource planning and deliver dedicated coaching solutions of the very highest standard. The calibre of our coaches and their experience and expertise is completely unrivalled in the field.

What’s more, our agile and flexible approach to doing business means we’re ready and willing to offer all of these services wherever you need them, exactly when you need them.

The Centro Consulting

Recognised industry expertise

Local and global insights

A proven capability in single or multiple markets

Vast experience in the coaching and training of groups or individuals

Results driven programme

Unparalleled expertise

Our tangible, infectious passion for the Automotive Industry , combined with the knowledge and expertise of our consultants in the markets, helps you to generate the results that you’re seeking.