2021 – Its been quite a year

Here at Centro we’re certain of one thing – this “New Normal” is an evolving dynamic!

Within the Automotive Industry the pandemic accelerated a period of unprecedented change.  Some good. Some bad.

Throughout the year we worked hard with our clients to develop their capacity to adapt, maintain flexibility and manage resilience.

Tristan Mason - Smith comments:

“ In many ways 2021 became the perfect storm. Our clients needed to effect ambitious organizational change programmes and respond to increased customer expectations at the same time. Without doubt our clients’ unique and most valuable asset is their people. And without doubt their objectives would not be achieved without their engagement This year it’s been vital that our coaching connected their people to their purpose.

Our coaching strategy has evolved

We have worked, coached, and trained in 1000s of dealerships globally. And certain commonalities have emerged:

  • Performance is symptomatic of underlying factors. We’ll always get into the reeds and establish the why before we begin the how
  • Achieving change for sustainable success requires going beyond symptoms to understanding operational and organisational causal factors
  • Our data-driven approach defines the underlying factors, gains buy-in, provides best practices, intelligent coaching, and a personalised improvement path for each dealership to achieve their potential
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