Case Studies

Automotive Outsourcing


A globally recognised manufacturer was keen to launch used car activities with its dealer network in Brazil.

The Challenge

The manufacturer’s problem was the real lack of any recognised local expertise at the local head office (or even within the market) meaning that nobody was able to lead the project.

Our Approach

Centro Consulting was approached and asked if we could find:

  • A Portuguese and English business level communicator
  • With in-depth new car and used car knowledge
  • Ready, willing and able to work on this assignment
  • Who would be prepared to move to Brazil for a year with no commitment for anything more

Quite a wish list !

The Result

We reviewed our global network of contacts and within 5 days had identified a credible shortlist including what we considered to be the perfect candidate for the assignment.

Within 2 weeks we had arranged a meeting between the candidate and the client – a successful meeting and agreement was reached.

Within 6 weeks our recommended candidate was on the ground in Brazil in post successfully driving the business forward.

Within 18 months he was taken on as a direct head by the manufacturer and after 2 years is now the Sales Director for the whole of Latin America for one of the brands within the manufacturer’s portfolio.

Quite a result for all concerned – especially for a short term project with no long term commitment!